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IBAN: SK03 0200 0000 0028 0056 8955 (VÚB)


The civic association PUART GALLERY was founded in Púchov on 17 March 2009. Since 2011, its activities were also implemented in Bratislava and other Slovak cities.

The aim of the association is to create conditions and opportunities for development of personality, skills and interests, to promote and develop arts and culture in Slovakia. A means to this end is organization of leisure activities, cultural events, as well as publishing and educational activities.

The idea of ​​joining enthusiasts for arts and culture was created by the artist from Púchov, Roman Hvizdák. Since 2006, he is actively involved in organizing events and implementation of projects, particularly in the field of visual arts.

The civic association PUART GALLERY managed by Roman Hvizdák implemented a number of interesting events, such as:

  • DOTYKY UMENIA (Touch of Art) 2012 – 2013 – art and charity project
  • Children's Cancer Camp in Tatranská lesná – 2012
  • Scribbles from Púchov, 2011 – Art Competition
  • COLOURED WORLD – art project for the Children Faculty Hospital in Bratislava – 2011
  • Wings of Imagination 2011 – Slovak national competitive exhibition of art works
  • Opening of artworks from leisure centre – Bee in Azalka sweet shop – 2011
  • Opening in the Children’s Home in the colours of positive energy – 2011
  • Glass paintings in kindergarten – 2011
  • Children’s Home in the colours of positive energy – 2010
  • Scribbles from Púchov 2010 – art competition
  • A multimedia exhibition Formations 2009
  • Children’s Palette 2009 – Art Competition
  • Hospital Health Púchov – large-scale paintings at the Children’s department – 2006

The most important project of the civic association PUART GALLERY in 2014 is the project named WINDOWS INTO FAIRY TALES, which is currently underway and its completion is scheduled for the end of 2014. For more information on the civic association PUART GALLERY see www.puart.sk.