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The project WINDOWS INTO FAIRY TALES would like to extend the boundaries of children’s fantasy world in the Clinic of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology at the Department for small children in Bratislava. Our desire is to paint and warm up the cool sterile corridors with colours at the Department for small children.

The environment, where the small patients are and where they recover during treatment after intensive interventions and other therapies is very important. Therefore, the project WINDOWS INTO FAIRY TALES is primarily designated for the smallest. At the same time we want to cheer the soul of parents who spend all their time in the department alongside their children to support them with love and energy. Of course, we don’t forget that the entire department personnel, which is often exposed to difficult and mentally challenging job.

The project WINDOWS INTO FAIRY TALES also fulfils another important role and that is the ART THERAPY.

The project WINDOWS INTO FAIRY TALES has two main tasks:

  • mural paintings inspired by contemporary animated fairy tales
  • Involvement of paediatric patients and their parents in mural painting under the ART THERAPY.

The technical part of the project and important information:

Place of Performance: The Clinic of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology, Department for small children, Children Faculty Hospital in Bratislava, Limbová 1, 833 44 Bratislava
Organizer: Civic association PUART GALLERY
Painter: Roman Hvizdák (www.romanhvizdak.com)
Models: Fairy tale ideas for murals can be identified by children, parents and hospital staff (current animated fairy tales)
Paintings dimensions: height: 100 cm (the same for all paintings)
length: 2ks - 100 cm, 2ks – 115 cm, 7ks – 120 cm, 1ks – 130 cm, 1ks – 150 cm, 1ks – 200 cm, 1ks – 260 cm
Colours: ecologic, harmless, water-based, acrylic, washable
Project duration: February 2014 – December 2014
Finances: The total amount for the project is 8,000 Euros. The price includes: preparation, material, technical equipment, work.